Dr. Steven Helper – Back Pain Management

Dr. Helper is a specialist in Interventional Spine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

What can I expect during an assessment?
My assessments are generally pretty long. I book an hour and a half for each patient. The majority of the time is spent discussing your case, followed by a physical examination, film review, diagnostic planning, and treatment counseling.

How do you isolate a diagnosis?
I can’t treat anything without an accurate diagnosis. The first thing I want to know is what exactly is causing the pain? Is it a disc in the neck, a joint in the back? If it’s a joint, in what level of the spine? I also look at severity – will it get better in time or does it need treatment? The first thing a patient will get from me is a diagnostic plan using MRI and/or X-ray guided diagnostic injections.

I went to a spine surgeon and I was rejected for surgery. Is my condition not severe enough for back surgery?
I can’t speak for back surgeons, “non-surgical” is a broad term used by surgeons when screening patients. It can mean several different things. It can mean the condition is not bad enough, or that surgery will not help, or it’s too early and other treatment solutions must first be explored.

Do you work with the other physicians that your patients have already seen?
I like to, it really depends on the physiotherapist or other health professionals. If they want to be involved, it works to the advantage of everyone involved.

Why do you work exclusively in a private healthcare setting?
My specialty is very resource intensive. My patients often require an MRI or XRay technologist. An operating room and nurse staff is also required. The advantages of private health care are access and time frame for treatment. Patients can receive an MRI or XRay in a day or two. Review of the diagnostic information occurs a few days after that, and treatment can follow in one week.

I’ve never been to a private facility, if I go there can I go back to the public system?
Yes, patients always have the choice to use the public healthcare system.

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