Empowering Women Radio – Back Pain

This week co-hosts Dr. Roy Jackson, a renowned specialist and radio host Nikki Renshaw investigate the causes and cures for chronic pain, both conventional and alternative. With guests Dr. Helper, a specialist in Interventional Spine (back pain) and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Dr. Lee, a well-known gynaecologist specializing in pelvic pain, the Empowering Women team discover the causes, cutting edge treatments and life-style choices that affect the two areas that women suffer most pain.

How much pain is normal and when should you seek expert advice? Which pain medications have adverse side effects and which alternative treatments are mainstream doctors finally embracing? What simple lifestyle changes must we make go help prevent chronic pelvic and back pain?

Find the answers to these questions and more on Empowering Women radio Saturday Sept 11th at 11:00 on am650.

Empowering Women Radio

Empowering Women Radio on am650 is the go-to radio show for women who want to empower themselves to make better health and lifestyle choices.

Learn more about Dr. Helper and Back Pain Management.

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