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List of doctors who have privileges by specialization

If you are considering surgery, your choice of a suitably qualified surgeon can be challenging. Key concerns often revolve around a doctor’s training and experience, as well as the nature of the surgery. False Creek Healthcare provides a team of highly qualified, experienced surgeons; professionals versed in the most progressive, cutting-edge techniques in fields ranging from orthopaedic to plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition to broad-based proficiency, each surgeon has a particular area of specialization assuring expert treatment in all procedures we perform. Each surgical procedure is overseen by a skilled anaesthetist, ensuring optimum safety and quality care. This, coupled with the commitment of our patients to follow pre and post-operative instructions, promotes quicker recovery.

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Medical & Surgical Directors
Family Practice Medical Clinic
Orthopaedic & Sports Injury
General Surgery
Plastic Surgery
ENT (Otolaryngology)
Male Urology
Female Urology
Pain Management
Vascular Surgery
Internal Medicine
Surgical Assist

Medical Director

  • Dr. Mark Godley

Family Practice, Medical Clinic & Executive Health

Orthopaedic and Sports Injury (Bones & Joints)

Neurology (Brain/Nervous)

  • Dr. Gueorgui Medvedev

Neurosurgery/Neuropathology (Spine)

General Surgery/Hernia

Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery

Gynaecology, Women’s Health & Cosmetic Gynaecology

Male Urology

Female Urology

ENT, Otolaryngology and Sinus Surgery (Ears, Nose & Throat)

Physiatry, Pain Management and Interventional Nerve Block

Bariatric, Metabolic & Lap-Band (Obesity Surgery)

Dermatology (Skin)

Vascular Surgery (Varicose veins)

Ophthalmology (Eye Surgery)

Phlebology (Veins)

Podiatry (Foot Surgery)


  • Dr. Desiree Prisman



  • Dr. David Kendler

Internal Medicine/Rheumatology

  • Dr. David Collins

Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) & Interventional Radiology

Radiology at False Creek Healthcare is provided by Vancouver Imaging:

  • Dr. William Yee (Radiology Director)
  • Dr. Ana-Maria Bilawich
  • Dr. Jean Buckley
  • Dr. Silvia Chang
  • Dr. Jason Chew
  • Dr. Alison Harris
  • Dr. Raju Heran
  • Dr. Stephen Ho
  • Dr. Darren Klass
  • Dr. Gerald Legiehn
  • Dr. David Li
  • Dr. David Liu
  • Dr. Louis Luck
  • Dr. Lindsay Machan
  • Dr. John Mayo
  • Dr. Patrick McLaughlin
  • Dr. Peter Munk
  • Dr. Sawas Nicolaou
  • Dr. Al Rowley
  • Dr. Tony Sedlic
  • Dr. Jason Shewchuk
  • Dr. Talia Vertinsky
  • Dr. Chuck Zwirewich


  • Dr. David Malm
  • Dr. Mark Godley
  • Dr. Sur Baycroft
  • Dr. Dean Burrill
  • Dr. Baljinder Dhaliwal
  • Dr. Jon Harper
  • Dr. Chris Harvie
  • Dr. Robert Hoskin
  • Dr. Anup Navsarikar
  • Dr. Yasmin Rajan
  • Dr. Kurt Samer
  • Dr. Russell Stasiuk
  • Dr. Shafik Thobani
  • Dr. Hamed Umedaly
  • Dr. Alexander Vesely
  • Dr. Doris Vretenar
  • Dr. Joseph Wong
  • Dr. Andrew Neitzel
  • Dr. Giselle Villar
  • Dr. Brett Fitzmaurice
  • Dr. Kate Bennett
  • Dr. Sean Neil
  • Dr. Ramaswamy Rajamohan
  • Dr. Roop Randhawa

Surgical Assists

  • Dr. Susan Dawson
  • Dr. Karen Joughin
  • Dr. William Mackie
  • Dr. Gerhard Strydom
  • Dr. Helen Ting
  • Dr. Lindsay Krystaleah
  • Dr. Helen Kwoo
  • Dr. Janet Heavyside
  • Dr. Deneen Baron
  • Dr. Selena Faiers
  • Dr. Stewart Ford
  • Dr. Parth Lodhia
  • Dr. Hooman Sadr Hamedany
  • Dr. William McDonald
  • Dr. Michelle Novak
  • Dr. Margaret Ann Pugh


  • Tracy Klass – Ultrasound
  • Andrew Hoffman – Echocardiography & Stress Test
  • Aronjit Lageri – Lead MRI
  • Inderdeep Thiara – MRI
  • Angela Sue – MRI
  • Abhishek Bhasin – MRI
  • Harkamal Purewal – MRI/CT/Xray
  • Regalado Narvaez – CT / Xray
  • Ahmad Zahir – CT/Xray
  • Golnaz Mahmood-zadeh – Xray
  • Celine Kwan – Xray
  • Jo Miles Doroja – Xray
  • Anne Andrew – Ultrasound/Echo
  • Sandy St. Cyr – Ultrasound
  • Raha Gerami – Stress Test
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