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Bachelor of Science



Master of Science



Doctor of Medicine



Fellow of the American College of Surgeons



Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This indicates the certification of the doctor in a particular medical or surgical specialty.



Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

General Surgery

General Surgery

Fellowship trained Board-Certified Specialist in General Surgery.
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Dr. Charles Scudamore is a highly skilled, Royal College Board-Certified General Surgeon with special interests in Liver Transplantation, Hepatobiliary Oncology and Trauma. Apart from working at our False Creek Health Centre, he also serves as a Staff Surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital; Surgical Director of the BC Liver Transplant Program and Developed Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery at the University of British Columbia.He received his Medical Doctorate (MD) from the University of British Columbia in 1975, followed by a one-year internship at the San Francisco Teaching Hospitals, University of California. He completed his Residency from the University of British Columbia, Division of General Surgery in 1981. Dr. Scudamore also holds a Master’s of Science in Surgery.Dr. Scudamore is an expert on the early recognition of pancreatic cancer as well as advanced colorectal metastases to the liver. He has led efforts to increase the number of liver transplants performed in British Columbia. His research—including the creation and support of the British Columbia Pancreatic Research Network—is focused on improving patient outcomes for those with pancreatic cancer. In recognition of his outstanding work and continuous contributions, Dr. Scudamore was a recent recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.


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American College of Surgeons
  • American College of Surgeons
American Society of Transplant Surgeons
  • American Society of Transplant Surgeons
British Columbia Medical Association
  • British Columbia Medical Association
British Columbia Surgical Association
  • British Columbia Surgical Association
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
  • Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
Canadian Association of General Surgeons
  • Canadian Association of General Surgeons
Canadian Liver Foundation
  • Canadian Liver Foundation
Canadian Society for Clinical Investigations
  • Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation
Canadian Transplant Society
  • Canadian Transplant Society
  • Cambridge Medical Association
International Transplant Society
  • International Transplant Society
International Biliary Association
  • International Biliary Association
  • North Pacific Surgical Association
Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
  • Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract


American College of Surgeons
  • Fellowship American College of Surgeons1986
  • Masters of Science in Surgery University of British ColumbiaVancouver, British Columbia1985
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of England
  • Fellowship Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of England1982
The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh
  • Fellowship Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Edinburgh1982
  • Fellowship Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada1981
  • General Surgery Residency University of British ColumbiaVancouver, British Columbia1981
The_University_of_California_San Fran.svg
  • Internship San Francisco Teaching Hospitals/University of CaliforniaSan Francisco, California1976
  • Medical Doctorate University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia 1975
  • Bachelors of Science University of British ColumbiaVancouver, British Columbia1972


  • Surgical Director of the BC Liver Transplant Program at the University of British Columbia
  • Developed Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery at the University of British Columbia
  • Recently Won the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Creator of the British Columbia Pancreatic Research Network
  • Scientific Researcher


vancouver general hospital 
  • Vancouver General Hospital Vancouver, British Columbia
British Columbia Children’s HospitalBC Women's Hospital and Health Care
  • BC Children’s & Women’s HospitalVancouver, British Columbia
  • University Hospital – Shaughnessy Site Vancouver, British Columbia
St. Paul's Hospital
  • St. Paul’s Hospital Vancouver, British Columbia
Mount St Joseph Hospital 
  • Mount St. Josheph’s Hospital Vancouver, British Columbia
  • False Creek Healthcare Vancouver, British Columbia



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Reviews updated via RateMDs on 08/19/2015. Average review is based on 41 reviews.
full_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-HALF Submitted May 6, 2015 He is right to the point. Appreciate it. Helps him to see more patients who also are desperate to get an appointment with him. I am alive today because of my donors family and Dr. Scudamore and his team. I’d take his briefness any day for his knowledge, surgical skills, and teaching skills to other doctors. A patient is very fortunate to be able to see him at all. He is in one of the hospitals from am to pm. You’d find out if you are in the hospital yourself.. Morning to night. Thankyou.
full_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-small Submitted Nov. 22, 2014 I went with my mom to Dr Scudamore’s office and can not say enough about how amazing he is. His receptionist was lovely and helpful, he was amazing apologizing for being a little late as he had to perform a liver transplant. He gave us his thoughts on diagnosis first to assure us and them went over in detail not only regarding the spot on moms pancreas and why his thoughts were such but even other information regarding the fracture in her spine due to osteo. He had a great sense of humour which how heavy his job is was a breath of fresh air. He followed up with detailed testing and was very thorough in telling us all the possibilities. If I ever need a surgeon with his speciality (which I hope I don’t) I would not go to anyone else but Dr Scudamore unless I had no other option.
full_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-smallfull_star-small full_star-small Submitted Aug. 31, 2014 I can understand how some people might not like Dr Scudamore as he can come off a little cold when you first meet him , but really he’s just extremely focused. I was lucky enough to have him perform a liver resection to remove a very large tour from 3 segments of my liver and he only left a very clean 4 inch scar. Prior to meeting him I was told that I would need to take 12+ weeks off of work to recover , but I was back to work after only 2 weeks!!I met him once (14 months prior to surgery) and we met for about 30 minutes where he explained that how my procedure would work and how it would be different from most based on the location of my tumour. His office assistant followed up with several time to make sure all of my labs were constantly up to day while I was waiting for my surgery as well. The only bad thing I could say is that it would have been nice to talk to him the days of my surgery versus his residents, but all three of them were fabulous doctors and never felt that I wasn’t in capable hands the entire time I was in the hospital. I have my one month follow up with him next week and I’m looking forward to seeing the before and after MRIs.The only bad thing I can say about the entire experience is how long it took to see him but I feel that it was 100% worth the wait. I also understand that some people would be frustrated by how little they saw him when they were in the hospital, but like I said before his residents do a fabulous job and I understood that I wasn’t going to see him much because really it wasn’t necessary, and his time was best spent in the operating room versus doing rounds. I only saw him twice during my 1 week stay, but I never felt that I was left in the dark. 
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