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Welcome to False Creek Healthcare Centre

Founded in 1996 as a independent surgical facility (False Creek Surgical Centre), False Creek Healthcare Centre is more than a medical clinic – it has grown to include medical services such as family practice, medical clinic, specialist health programs, advanced diagnostics and pathology clinic. We have over 100 physicians and surgeons and utilize only the most advanced medical technology. Learn more about our Health Care Facility.

Leaders In New Procedures & Technology

False Creek Healthcare Centre is home to the first and only GE 3.0 Tesla MRI system in clinical use in all of Canada. Every one of our physicians and surgeons are leaders in their fields. Our staff is carefully chosen for their high professional qualifications and their dedication to the care of others. Learn more about our mission. One stop all inclusive care. Practically all medical services all under one roof. View Client Case Examples.

Plasma Button Procedure

Learn about the new Plasma Button Procedure (Prostate Plasma Vaporization) at False Creek Healthcare Centre. The Plasma Button is an innovative new minimally invasive treatment for the condition of BPH (enlarged prostate)

Executive Health Program

The Executive Healthcare Program is uniquely tailored toward those leading an executive lifestyle. A personalized health assessment is invaluable in uncovering undetected medical problems and potential risk factors.

Lung Cancer Screening CT Scan

A new program to screen at-risk smokers or workers with exposure to pollutants for lung cancer. Lung Cancer is one of the most common and most deadly cancers in Canada for both sexes – but if detected in the early stages survival rates are much higher. Advanced computer software detects small changes in the size of lung tissue over time.

Women’s Wellness Program

A unique program tailored to a woman’s life stages: Reproductive Age, Peri-Menopausal, Post-Menopausal. The program offers comprehensive screening to detect disease early, when it most easily prevented and managed.

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