False Creek Healthcare Centre offers immediate access to a full spectrum of pathology services in Vancouver. Expert pathologists are used to deliver diagnostic interpretations of biopsies and cytology samples quickly and accurately.

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Pathology Services


False Creek Healthcare Centre offers a wide range of Biopsy procedures that are analyzed by pathologists, including Prostate Biopsy, Liver Biopsy, Thyroid Biopsy and Lymph Node Biopsy.

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Breast Pathology – Breast Biopsy

A breast biopsy is a diagnostic procedure that involves the removal of a small sample of tissue from a suspicious area of the breast. The tissue sample is then processed and studied by a pathologist who diagnoses disease and issues a report. This report is used by your physician to manage any disease the test may reveal.

We aim to deliver the pathology report within 24 to 28 hours after receiving the specimen. If a pathologist determines that cancer is present, further testing can be performed to determine the molecular profile of the tumour and help personalize your treatment options.

Oral Pathology

Oral Advance™ is a diagnostic instrument designed to detect oral cancer. OralAdvance™ uses a soft cyto-brush sample collection kit, providing dentists with a new alternative when assessing these oral lesions if a biopsy is not warranted or possible. The instrument is designed to measure gross DNA abnormality which can offer additional information about the malignant nature of a lesion.

Quantitative Cytology

Quantitative cytology, or computer-controlled high-resolution microscopy, can detect and measure the large-scale DNA changes characteristic of cancer and indicate whether a lesion is cancerous or precancerous.

Other pathology services include:

  • Oncologic Pathology: diagnostic screening for a broad spectrum of cancers
  • Gasterointestinal Pathology: diagnostic screening of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Dermatopathology: diagnostic screening of the skin
  • Gynecological Pathology: diagnostic screening of the reproductive organs
  • Urological Pathology: diagnostic screening of the urinary tract

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