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The Urology department at False Creek Healthcare Centre offers a range of services including plasma vaporization of enlarged prostate tissue (also known as plasma button), vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, male slings for urinary incontinence, penile, penile prosthesis, and scrotal surgery and cystoscopy. Our mission is to provide the best possible urological care to men in Vancouver, BC. Our goal is to care for you in the way we would want to be cared for if we became ill.

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Urology Surgery

A variety of surgical options are available to help patients with urological problems.

Prostate Plasma Vaporization Surgery

Prostate plasma vaporization surgery (also known as plasma button procedure) is a treatment for an enlarged prostate (also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia – BPH) that is minimally invasive and done as a day care procedure. The plasma vaporization technology removes prostatic tissue that can block the flow of urine with minimal bleeding and discomfort. It provides comparable results to TUPR and GreenLight Laser.
» Learn more about Prostate Plasma Vaporization (Plasma Button).


Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedures, which is a simple, safe, effective and reliable method of contraception. The procedure is a very popular birth control method, ideal for couples that have decided that they have a complete family.
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Vasectomy reversal

Microscopic vasectomy reversal is performed with the help of a state of the art Zeiss microscope to provide a very accurate reversal of vasectomy.
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Cystoscopy is a procedure that uses a flexible scope to look inside the urethra and urinary bladder. This procedure is minimally invasive and is used to monitor, diagnose and treat conditions that affect the bladder and urethra.
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Male Slings

The adVance male sling is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to treat urinary incontinence that can result from radical prostatectomy. Male slings provide support to the urinary sphincter during abdominal pressure increases (such as a sneeze, cough or athletic activity) which can help prevent the loss of urine.
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Other Procedures

Procedures such as circumcision, penis surgery, penile prosthesis, penile implant, artificial urinary sphincter surgery and scrotal surgery are routinely performed as day care procedures.

Diagnostic Testing

If the Urologist needs further information to help diagnose or treat your condition, your patient advisor will let you know. In almost all circumstances, we will want to review the results of your tests with you. Unless alternative arrangements have been made, please contact us to arrange a follow-up appointment unless one has already been booked for you.

Lab Tests (UCC)

Lab tests can be performed at our Medical Clinic, which is located in the same building. Most lab testing can also be performed at any of the public or hospital laboratories. The generic requisition we print for you will be accepted at any of these labs. No matter which lab you go to, the quality of testing is the same. Almost all laboratory testing is covered by the public health plan. Your patient advisor will let you know if additional charges are anticipated.
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Imaging (Diagnostic Centre)

Imaging tests include X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI. Our Diagnostic Centre is located in the same building. Your patient advisor will take care of sending the test requisition to our Diagnostic Centre. Following this, the Diagnostic Centre will contact you, schedule a time for your test and give you instructions if preparation is necessary.
» Learn more about our Diagnostic Centre.

Prostate Biopsy (Diagnostic Centre)

Prostate Biopsy is available out our Diagnostic Centre, which is located in the same building. A prostate biopsy removes samples of suspicious tissue from the prostate. A radiologist, a doctor who specializes in diagnostic procedures, will perform the biopsy with a fine needle while being guided by ultrasound images. The tissue samples from the biopsy are examined for cell abnormalities and prostate cancer.
» Learn more about Biopsy procedures at our Diagnostic Centre.

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