Plasma Button

As men age the prostate gland enlarges. Prostate enlargement can compresses the bladder’s outlet obstructing urinary flow.

The Plasma button treatment is minimally invasive. It removes enlarged prostate tissue resulting in a better flow of urine.

Enlarged prostate symptoms:

Slowing of urinary stream with stopping and starting
Need to urinate frequently, especially at night
Occasional complete obstruction of the bladder, urinary retention
A sensation of not completely emptying the bladder
Possible damage to the kidneys if untreated
Bladder infections and stones

BPH Plasma Vaporization (Plasma Button)

This innovative technique involves vaporization of prostate tissue with minimal bleeding and is performed via a small scope, taking approximately one hour, most often with spinal anesthetic.

The patient may need to go home with a catheter for a couple of days but will experience very little pain and often can return to work very quickly.

Clinical advantages of Plasma Button

Rapid recovery time
Low bleeding risk
Minimal side effects
Short catheterization time

Next Steps:

Often, people feel uncomfortable discussing the prostate issues because of embarrassment regarding urination or possible sexual disfunction. Our surgeons are board certified and are available to discuss these private issues with you as well as treatment options both surgical and medical.

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