Brow and Forehead Lift

Women and men from all walks of life choose False Creek Plastic Surgery Centre in Vancouver, B.C. with board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Kimit Rai, Dr. Eric Pugash, Dr. Erin Brown, Dr. Arko Demianczuk, and Dr. Mark Hill. Our team of plastic surgeons has years of experience and excellence performing forehead lift surgeries.

A brow lift, also called forehead lift, is the most effective procedure for correcting droopy eyebrows, horizontal lines and furrows, thus rejuvenating the eyebrows and getting rid of the tired look.

The earliest signs of aging can occur around our eyes and forehead. Typically, people will notice excessive horizontal forehead lines, drooping eyebrows, or heavy upper eyelids. A brow lift is a cosmetic medical procedure design to return the brows to a natural looking, higher position. It is an effective way to achieve a fresher, softer facial appearance.

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