Collaborative Medical Technology Platforms
The future of medicine will result in much stronger participation from patients. A partnership.
Patients will know more about their illness than the treating physicians. The rapid evolution of social media and the web 2.0 will enhance patient to patient information transfer and latest technology updates.
For the treating physician this may be overwhelming to keep up on.
However with CMTP we can combine multiple media avenues such as video conferencing medical record sharing teleradiology to provide the VIRTUAL CONSULT
Yes. Exactly what you are thinking!

The doctor will become a great facilitator of knowledge again just like the early 19th century.
He/she will be an intermediate for you and a Super Specialist in another city or country.
You will have improved access to differential diagnoses and alternative therapies not easy to come by in your geographical location. You will get access to a knowledge unheard of.
In fact the possibilities are endless.
What are your thoughts ?

In the weeks to come we will introduce this technology to our facilities.

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