Canadian Medical Assistance Teams

Nearly 8 months ago, a devastating 7.0 mW earthquake struck the impoverished nation of Haiti. CMAT, the Canadian Medical Assistance Teams, was one of the first organizations on the ground providing medical and surgical and diagnostic imaging to the victims, helping them to heal their physical and emotional wounds.

In an effort to lend a hand, False Creek Healthcare donated a Portable Mini C-Arm and surgical supplies. We were thrilled when we received a letter from CMAT, along with this photograph.


“During a quiet afternoon, several medical volunteers visited an orphanage outside the city to assess and treat the children, and brought with them paper and finger paint. Many of these children had lost both parents in the earthquake and were rendered orphans. They were grateful to receive medical care, as well as have some fun finger-painting. On behalf of CMAT volunteers, and our beneficiaries, we would like to thank you and the staff of False Creek Healthcare Centre for your generous support.” – Valerie J. RZepka

Would you like to lend your support? For more information about donating or becoming a volunteer visit the CMAT website.

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