False Creek Healthcare to join the Centric Health Family

We are pleased to announce that Surgical Spaces Inc. has entered into an agreement with Centric Health. False Creek Healthcare and Maples Surgical will be merging with Centric Health to deliver a national expansion strategy to provide innovative healthcare solutions across Canada.

We are looking forward to joining the Centric Health family, which share our vision and passion for bringing quality healthcare to patients in partnership with healthcare professionals. Together, we will continue to invest in advanced technology and provide innovative solutions for quality care and excellent outcomes.

False Creek Healthcare Centre and Maples Surgical Centre, the ambulatory healthcare facilities owned by Surgical Spaces Inc., will continue to offer surgical and specialist services in Orthopaedic, ENT, Cosmetic, Lap-Band, and Pain Management, as well as Diagnostic services in MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and Multiple Sclerosis studies. Additionally, Dr. Godley and the management team will retain full management control of operations.

See the full list of services offered at False Creek Healthcare.

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