Miracle saves pregnant Langley Township woman diagnosed with Brain Tumours

False Creek Healthcare’s Neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Chan was featured in the Province newspaper for saving the life of Mayor Rick Green’s daughter.

Green called the neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Chan, considered tops in the province, an angel.


Langley Township Mayor Rick Green and his family went to bed Saturday night expecting the worst for his daughter, Shannon, diagnosed with two brain tumours at six-and-a-half months pregnant. The numbness in her limbs had turned to paralysis and she could no longer speak.

Her husband, Brad (Green asked their last names not be published), had to decide whether or not to keep her on life support, if it came to that. “We were prepared to make a decision whether to save her life or the life of her baby,” said Green.

The family was led not to expect much for Shannon, 39, even if the cancerous tumours were successfully removed. “The neurosurgeons said there was little they could do but relieve the pressure on her brain,” said Green. ”They said there was also the chance that she would suffer some effect from the surgery. They said she could lose her speech entirely.”

She was transferred to Royal Columbian Hospital from Lion’s Gate because RCH has the best neo-natal care ward, said Green. At noon Sunday, Shannon was out of surgery, talking and walking, and the baby, too, was fine. A post-operation MRI showed no sign of either tumour.

“I feel numb,” said Green yesterday. “We’re elated.”
“When I say it’s miracle, I truly believe it is,” he said.

Learn more about Dr. Richard Chan and our Neurology Department.

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