False Creek joins Extended Patient Choice Network

Extended Patient Care NetworkFalse Creek Healthcare is pleased to announce that it is now part of Centric Health’s Extended Patient Choice Network.

The Extended Patient Choice Network (EPCN) was established by Centric Health to offer patients access to a variety of healthcare services and solutions through a network of leading healthcare providers across Canada with the intent of reducing wait times and providing patients with choice and early intervention.


“With Canada’s surgical wait times being at the highest levels recorded in years and a growing number of Canadians travelling to the U.S. and other countries for tests or procedures, we believe we can offer a Canada-centric solution that benefits patients through affordable, high quality access on demand. This initiative will create jobs and retain revenues that are being lost to other countries. It’s a true win for all.”

-David Cutler, President and Chief Executive Officer, Centric Health Corporation

The EPCN is comprised of accredited specialists across Canada committed to high-quality patient care and outcomes.

Under the program, a patient can be referred by his or her family physician or specialist to a healthcare provider of their choice within the various provinces across Canada, giving the patient a navigated, seamless solution of high quality patient care and outcomes resulting in earlier intervention, reduced complications and debilitation and better quality of life. Patients return to the referring Physician for the supervision of their post-operative care ensuring high quality outcomes.

Patients using the EPCN will have access to Centric Health’s Surgical and Medical Centres at False Creek Healthcare (Vancouver), Don Mills Surgical Unit (Toronto), Maples Surgical Centre (Winnipeg), and Canadian Surgery Solutions (Calgary).

For more information, visit:  www.centrichealthepcn.ca

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