New Centres of Excellence

Two new Centres of Excellence have been established by Centric Health at False Creek Healthcare in Vancouver, BC.

The Centres are the Canadian Nasal and Sinus Institute and the Women’s Urology Centre. These are two medical areas with growing demand driven by demographics and significant wait times. Centres of Excellence increase utilization of surgical centre infrastructure and offer patients a choice in access to leading-edge healthcare services and technology. Centres of Excellence partner credible healthcare service providers in meeting the growing demand for quality, affordable and convenient healthcare services.

Canadian Nasal and Sinus Institute

Dr. Amin Javer, a highly respected and world renowned sinus expert with significant experience as a surgeon, Otolaryngologist and global speaker will head this Centre of Excellence. The centre will address the significant demand with his waiting lists being approximately two years for consultation and four years for surgery. False Creek Healthcare offers the latest high tech endoscopy screening and sinus surgery, some of which is not available in the public sector. With the provision of services patients can be seen earlier by a highly-qualified team and undergo a comprehensive and multidisciplinary assessment. Early diagnosis and the establishment of an appropriate treatment plan and clinical protocols will improve patient outcomes.

Pediatric Urology

More information on Dr. Javer can be found on his website:

Women’s Urology Centre

Headed by Dr. Alexandra Perks, the Women’s Urology Centre is a first in providing extensive, wholistic female urology care in a unique environment for women seeking innovative treatment with new technologies in areas of urinary incontinence, voiding dysfunction, recurring urinary tract infections and bladder pain syndrome. The goal is to provide the best possible urological care to women across Canada. Women who come to the Centre not only receive excellence in expedited care from a team of female urologists but also gain access to a multidisciplinary team of pelvic floor therapists, nurses trained in incontinence in order to offer non-surgical treatment alternatives.

Click here to learn more about Women’s Urology.

To see the full Press Release click here.

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