Beauty you can trust:
Introducing our new Rejuvenation Clinic.

Face the world more confidently at False Creek Healthcare’s New Rejuvenation Clinic.

Rejuvenation Clinic

You eat well, exercise regularly and take care of yourself, inside and out. Good health is a gift worth protecting, but we can all use a little help to show our best face to the world. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new False Creek Rejuvenation Clinic. The clinic offers a wide variety of medical-grade beauty treatments using only the highest quality brands and products.

You already know that we provide world-class care from highly qualified physicians, surgeons and medical professionals. Why would you trust your beauty and cosmetic treatments to anyone else?

Experience BeautiPHIcation

Our medical team applies a philosophy of beauty based on PHI – the golden ratio of harmonious proportion that occurs in nature, as well as great art, design and architecture. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we use feature measurements and proportion analysis to create an individualized beauty plan designed specifically for you. After all, beauty is in the details.

Our wide range of non-surgical cosmetic options includes:

Skin care

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of skin creams, injectable fillers, chemical peels and procedures now available, not to mention the number of people performing these treatments with questionable qualifications. Our medical team helps people of every age and skin type to navigate the world of skin care – with beautiful results.


Why is Botox® so revolutionary? It eliminates deep grooves, furrows and wrinkles to restore your natural, youthful appearance. Botox® treatment also reduces excessive sweating and muscle spasms, and can help to control migraine and tension headaches. There’s no downtime, and nothing to lose but those frustrating fine lines.

Lip Enhancement

Improve the fullness and definition of your lips with subtle, yet gratifying results. Our board certified plastic surgeons use semi-permanent dermal fillers including Restylane® to help you achieve a soft and natural fullness.

Eyelash Growth

Imagine life without mascara! Safe and simple Latisse® topical treatment grows your lashes longer, fuller and darker to put the spotlight on your gorgeous eyes. Even better? You can expect to see results after just a few weeks of regular application.

Chemical Peels

Non-surgical chemical peels can diminish blemishes and revitalize your skin – helping you to feel more vibrant, youthful and confident. Our skincare professionals will determine the right treatment for your skin type, including safe and effective Vitalize and TCA peels.

It’s time to LOVE the skin you’re in.

Our experienced, medical team is here to help you look and feel amazing.

Book your face-to-face consultation at our new rejuvenation clinic today.

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