Canadian doctors helping the Ukraine

Two doctors and a nurse from False Creek Healthcare have recently returned home after volunteering in a medical mission to Ukraine as part of a team of 25 Canadian health professionals led by the Canada Ukraine Foundation and Operation Rainbow Canada.


Our Surgical Director Dr. Kimit Rai (Plastic Surgeon) and Medical Director Dr. David Malm (Anesthesiologist) and Registered Nurse Valorie Long (Recovery) worked alongside Ukrainian doctors and nurses to provide complex, reconstructive surgical care to patients from across Ukraine who had sustained complex post-traumatic defects and deformities during the conflict.

Over the course of the mission, more than 60 patients from across Ukraine were seen in consultation and a total of 37 reconstructive procedures were performed on 30 patients. Including:

7 skull reconstructions
10 bony reconstructions of the facial skeleton
9 soft tissue reconstructions of the eyelids, nose, lips
5 burn and scar revisions
6 upper extremity reconstructions

These extraordinary efforts have made a transformative impact on the lives of patients, as reported by CBC in this video.

Funding for the humanitarian mission came from “United for Ukraine”, a fundraiser by the Canada Ukraine Foundation attended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Wayne Gretzky.

Read the full article here:

*Update* False Creek Healthcare & Dr. Kimit Rai were also mentioned in this Toronto Star Article on Canadians helping the Ukraine.

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