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I would like to thank you and all the doctors & nurses & staff on the surgical ward and everyone on the third floor that made me as comfortable as possible during my stay in August.

I would highly recommend False Creek Centre to everyone. All your professional manner was outstanding.


With respect to your staff (3rd and 6th floor) they were very considerate, helpful and very professional. I felt that I was in good hands and totally placed my trust in them.


Dear Jamie, thank you so much for being so kind, efficient and helpful on the telephone, I really appreciate it.


Thank you for your prompt attention and thank the staff for their most kind care at False Creek. Certainly, a facility that I would strongly recommend to anyone.

Dr. S.

All of your staff were very considerate, helpful and approachable. The nurses were efficient and caring and exercised good communication, both verbally and in written instruction, with the doctor’s orders. The diagnostic staff were also very helpful and the technicians highly trained.

Roy & Kathy

My wife and I wish to thank you for all of your assistance in making my recent operation so successful. Your personable and professional approach made the whole experience more enjoyable.


Dear Tara, I want to thank you again for all your assistance regarding my recent visit. I was very pleased with the outcome. A large portion of this result was your doing


Dear Mandy, thank You for being my liberation treatment angel. I write an article each month for my church bulletin. Read it and see how you are indeed my angel.


Thanks Drs. Godley, Simka and Cooperberg and all the staff there for treating them like royalty and being unwilling to give up. On a scale of 1-10, you’re ranking an easy 20.


Amazing staff – friendly, professional and very attentive. I have worked with Dr. Gilbart before but this was my first time at False Creek Healthcare. They strive for excellence here and it shows.


Would like to thank all the supporting staff and Doctors on a awesome experience in a very friendly clinic. I would rate the help and service that was provide to me 10 stars . The extra 5 stars for the friendly one to one service from the nurses and clean up staff.


I would like to thank all the staff of False Creek Healthcare Centre for taking such good care of me before, during and after my procedure. The staff was professional, friendly and informative. I would highly recommend the Centre to anyone.


The experience from beginning to end was fantastic. The clinic was warm, inviting and comfortable. All of the staff were friendly and super helpful. Dr. Ukani was incredible, he made me feel at ease and not at all self conscious.


I am overwhelmed with how pleasant my experience has been. From the first phone call, to the time of discharge, I experienced nothing but friendly, professional staff.


The staff at Falsecreek Health Care were fantastic, the facility was clean and modern, and I felt completely at ease having my surgery take place there.


Every person I came in contact with was kind, pleasant, professional & thorough. And what an awesome operating room.


The staff and physician were excellent. I felt comfortable and free to ask questions which were promptly answered in a friendly and caring manner. Very clean facility – patient and helpful staff. A pleasant experience – I’m looking forward to my next exam!


This facility is a fine example of what is possible. Everything is very good, however After a career in healthcare facilities I would like to comment positively on the cleanliness throughout. It is possible!


Everything about this process was not only quick, but also very personable. Even though I only went for a surgery and initial consultation, the doctor and reception were very helpful in keeping me informed about the process.


I had a knee surgery done. Being from so far away they made the 2 appointments on the same day which was very nice. The appointment times were right on time. I was very impressed with the whole experience.


Dr. Javer and his team were exceptional, from his easy going nature to his willingness to give his time to address any needs or questions. We couldn’t have asked for better care.


The whole team was very professional and efficient. My experience at False Creek Healthcare Centre was a very positive one.


This was an amazing experience. I felt completely at ease, knowing the expertise of all involved. I was made to feel welcome and I was definitely treated with respect.


Dr. Javer and his team made me feel comfortable and well looked after, The next morning I had some questions and I was able to email the Dr. Javer directly.


I felt well informed and completely at ease before and after my procedure. Everyone was very professional and friendly and I would highly recommend this clinic to family and friends.


Dr. Demianczuk and his staff were top notch and provided quality results with my surgery. Not only was he very capable of the procedure but he was amazingly patient, professional, knowledgeable and so friendly that it shows he genuinely cares for his patients.


Dr. Pugash was great and explained everything before the procedure. He also came to recovery to check on me after some time. Both the nurses and Dr. Pugash called that night to see how I was doing.


Thank you Dr. Kimit Rai Not only is everyone professional and experienced but they really take the time to make sure you are attended to both pre and post surgery.


Couldn’t have made the experience any easier, excellence all around.


it was lovely to be look after properly. My first experience in a private hospital. Everyone was so attentive and kind.


I was very impressed with the staff and facility. My initial contact was through the website and then via e-mail with a very helpful receptionist who was able to answer many questions.


The entire staff could not have been more awesome, everyone was excellent, the office staff to the nurses during and after surgery, loved them all!


From the moment the elevator door opened upon arrival to the closing of the door on leaving, my experience was first class. All the staff, including the receptionists, the various nurses that attended to me, the anesthetist and my surgeon are incredible human beings.


My surgeon, the front office staff and the entire surgical staff were extremely professional, caring and compassionate. Would highly recommend the surgical centre.

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