Brain MRI

Brain MRIA brain MRI is used to provide detailed pictures of the brain and nerve tissues. It provides clear pictures that can highlight sections of the brain that are often not visible on a CT scan. Your MRI can also show blood flow, blood vessels, and the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

The images from a brain MRI are used to diagnose and monitor a number of diseases and disorders that affect the brain, including abnormal brain development, brain infections, brain tumours, multiple sclerosis, and hormonal disorders.

An MRI scan of the brain can also help to determine the cause of headaches, vision problems, hearing loss, speaking difficulties, and muscle weakness. It may also be used to diagnose a new stroke or evaluate changes in thinking or behaviour.

New Advances in Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis

Distinguishing true brain damage from the effects of migraine headaches, pain elsewhere in the body, medications, depression, or preoccupation with social and financial stress can be a formidable task. False Creek Healthcare Centre is home to the most advanced MRI available for clinical use in Canada: a system that has proven critical in the diagnosis of subtle brain injury cases.

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