Women and men from all walks of life choose False Creek Healthcare in Vancouver. Our cardiologists have years of experience and excellence in Cardiovascular Health.

The Cardiac Protection Plan at False Creek Healthcare gives you exclusive access to world-class cardiovascular expertise and technology at our modern facility. The Cardiac Protection Plan will assess your current cardiac health, identify any issues or potential problems, and recommend a protection plan to limit your risks for cardiovascular disease.

At False Creek Healthcare we offer our patients procedures to ensure their cardiac health. Our expert team of cardiologists offer a variety of CT scans and echocardiogram exams designed to detect and aid in the treatment and prevention of heart disease.

We offer a comprehensive Cardiovascular Health Program designed to determine the status of your heart and cardiovascular health. False Creek Healthcare provides access to world-class cardiovascular expertise and technology to limit your risks for the future.

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    Cardiac Protection Plan

    Why wait for a cardiac event to happen? Ensure your cardiac health today.

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