Breast Lift – Breast Reduction

Women from all walks of life choose False Creek Plastic Surgery Centre in Vancouver, B.C. with board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Kimit Rai, Dr. Eric Pugash, Dr. Erin Brown, Dr. Arko Demianczuk and Dr. Mark Hill. Our team of plastic surgeons has years of experience and excellence performing breast enhancement surgeries.

Women with very large, drooping breasts may experience back and neck pain, skin irritation, skeletal deformities and breathing problems as a consequence of the extra weight. Unusually large breasts can also make a woman feel extremely self-conscious. Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve body proportions and relieve the symptoms related to overly large breasts.

Pregnancy, weight loss, breast-feeding, or the natural aging process can result in breasts losing their volume and appearing saggy. Breast lift surgery, or breast mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure designed to lift and improve the fullness of the breast.

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