Shoulder Surgery

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The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that hold your arm in your shoulder joint and help you move your shoulder in different directions. The tendons in the rotator cuff can tear when they are overused or injured. In such cases a shoulder arthroscopy may be recommended to help diagnose and treat the injury.

Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical diagnostic procedure designed to aid in diagnosing and treating shoulder pain and injury. Arthroscopy allows your surgeon to look directly into your elbow and the surrounding area to diagnose your injury and decide on the best treatment option for you.

Reasons for Shoulder Arthroscopy

A shoulder arthroscopy may be recommended for these shoulder problems:

  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Acromioplasty: Surgery for impingement syndrome
  • Bankhart repair: Surgery for shoulder instability
  • Arthritis of the end of the collarbone
  • Inflammation or damaged lining of the joint commonly caused by an illness, such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • A torn or damaged cartilage ring or ligaments
  • A torn or damaged biceps tendon

What to Expect

Shoulder arthroscopy can take 1-2 hours, depending on how much work your surgeon determines is necessary around your shoulder joint. A sterile fluid will be pumped into your joint to help produce a clearer picture and then a surgeon inserts a fibre-optic video camera, or arthroscope, through a small incision which transmits images from inside the joint to a video monitor.

Your surgeon will use these images to examine your shoulder joint and make a diagnosis. If necessary, they will also repair any damage or remove material that interferes with movement or causes pain in your shoulder. Afterwards, the fluid is drained out and the incisions are closed with stitches or adhesive strips. A dressing and a bandage is then wrapped around the joint.

Next Steps

If you are ready to discuss your surgery needs with our board certified surgeons, request a consultation today. During your consultation your patient care adviser will discuss:

  • Your medical history
  • Pre and post-operative care
  • Potential risks and complications

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