Vaginal Repair TVTO

Women from Vancouver and all across B.C. choose False Healthcare Centre because of board-certified Gynecologist, Dr. Roy Jackson. Dr. Jackson has years of experience and excellence in Women’s Health and Cosmetic Gynecology.

The TVT Obturator System Tension-Free Support for Incontinence is a cutting-edge surgical device designed to treat female stress urinary incontinence. The device possesses the safety and convenience of the obturator approach, and further optimizes safety with a unique “inside-out” method.

The GYNECARE® TVT Obturator System “inside-out” technique passes the mesh device from a small incision in the vagina out to small incisions in the thigh folds. By avoiding the retropubic space the procedure reduces the potential for urethral and bladder injury. Like the traditional TVT procedure, the TVT Obturator System uses the same PROLENE® polypropylene mesh shown to be safe and effective through seven years of clinical data and used in more than 500,000 stress incontinence treatment procedures worldwide.

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